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Pop, folk, funk
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Marie Kind is a young singer-songwriter from Germany, based in Paris. After many years playing solo as a folkpop-artist, Marie is now surrounded by her group. Her music is currently influenced by folkpop, funk and soul music. The songs are all originally written by Marie and tell stories and feelings that everyone can relate to from her experience and every-day-life. Her lyrics are taken from her own experience, daily life and everything that touches her heart and mind. "I want to write about things people can relate to and which come straight from my reality at the same time."The three  very talented musicians she is playing with are Vincent Viollet (guitare), Julien Abou-Aichi (basse) and Marcelo Merens (drums). Over the last years her project grew, she is actually working on her first album at the moment while playing concerts in Paris and Germany.Marie Kind convinces with her charming presence on stage, at the same time shy and heartwarming but energetic. She is able to touch people with emotional songs but will for sure entertain and use her powerful voice too. Her open-minded caracter make her music even more authentic as she is telling little stories to how she came up with her songs at all her concerts to make people understand her music better. "My music comes out the way I feel it, sometimes calm, sometimes funky, poppy, or sometimes they have a lot of energy and catchy melodies, my music changes all the time and that's what I love about songwriting."Marie Kind and Band can adapt to an intimate, calm audience or make people dance and move to funky music! She can be booked as a solo artist, in acoustic duo (guitar, voice, percussion) or with her whole band. Her music is just starting to develop more and more, so make sure to check out her websites and come see her play!